Virtual Consult or In-Person Appointment: It’s Your Choice

Here at Firouz Orthodontics, we’ve had to make some big adjustments to keep our patients treated and satisfied throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We have just now begun making in-person appointments again, but we are also continuing our remote services as well. If you’ve been out of the loop about how we’ve been serving our patients during the pandemic, then keep reading below to learn more about how we’ve done so, and why we’ve chosen to continue our remote services despite resuming our in-person appointments. 

During the total shutdown period of the COVID-19 crisis, we resolved to stay connected with our patients through virtual consultations. Our virtual consults consist of meeting with patients online and figuring out what treatment is needed for them. Once that is done, we can ship whatever necessary Invisalign treatments a patient needs to their residence. It is quick, effective, and easy, and we are proud to report that a good many of our patients got the treatment they needed and were satisfied with the results. In addition, patients are given the 24/7 around-the-clock access to us through calling or texting us, with a guaranteed response. 

We can proudly say that virtual consults have gone well, and continue to do so. 

In-Person Experience

Some patients, however, missed the in-person experience, which we regret not being able to offer them for some few months. However, we have now begun our reopening process, where we take one patient at a time. Only the patient is allowed inside, family members or other accompanying people must wait outside. Inside, only a receptionist and the doctor comprise the staff, to ensure that as minimal contact possible is made between staff and patient. 

We have PPE equipment, gowns, masks, gloves, sanitizers, and more to ensure that every patient that comes in for in-person service will have a safe, healthy, and comforting experience. We are an orthodontic practice, so maintaining health and cleanliness standards is already a top priority, pandemic or not, but We have taken extra steps to ensure sanitizing of all instruments and equipment are undertaken between every patient visit to make you feel comfortable and safe. If you’ve been wanting an in-patient visit, don’t hesitate to call and schedule one–we guarantee it will be a safe experience that will leave you healthy and satisfied. 

That being said, we understand that there are still plenty of people out there that don’t feel comfortable doing in-person visits just yet. For those people, we are happy to continue offering our virtual and remote services. We plan on continuing our remote treatments far into the future, so there is no worry about needing to come in for an in-person appointment any time soon. 

Whatever your preference is, just know that Firouz Orthodontics will continue to offer the high-quality remote and in-person treatments for as long as need be. In order to see all the steps we have taken to protect your safety please watch our 6 minute video posted on Instagram for @Firouzortho.


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