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Firouz Orthodontics is located in the state of California. Dr. Maurice Firoz is an honors graduate of Beverly Hills High School. He then studied Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine, going on to receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of California, Los Angeles, he has attained numerous awards and honors.

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth are important to us, not just for chewing food but also in how they portray our personality in front of others, a healthy smile always leaves a good impact of yours on someone else. However, a lot of people avoid going to the dentist. The fear that dental care is very expensive is common among many, especially for salaried people who don’t have a high dispensable income. But here at Firouz Orthodontics, there is a lot we can do, in order for you to be able to get the orthodontic treatment you need. The reason being the fact that if you don’t get your treatment done by the orthodontics at the right time; your condition can get worse, and as it gets worse it gets harder to treat.

The cost of braces and Invisalign can be the reason why many people avoid even visiting the dentist. We offer multiple payment plans for you to choose, the costs vary with different kinds of treatments available each having their benefit and downsides to them. You can visit us to get proper consultation on what kind of treatment would be best for you, according to your needs. Here are the 3 different kinds of braces you can get in the market, we’ve also included the price for Invisalign which is a treatment alternative to braces (it is convenient for many because it is not visible and can be removed when eating. However, Invisalign cannot be used to treat extreme orthodontic deformities. Here are the average prices of different types of braces and Invisalign:

Type of Treatment Average Base Cost
Metal Braces $3000-$6000
Ceramic Braces $4000–$8000
Lingual Braces $8000-$10000
Invisalign $3000-$8000

Insurance coverage makes meeting the costs of your orthodontic treatment easier to meet. You can call your insurance provider to make sure whether your plan includes dental coverage. In regards to health, savings account the IRS only allows HSA account withdrawals for orthodontic treatment, medically necessary. Which means you can only use the HSA account if the orthodontic deformity has the potential to be a cause of gum disease or jaw pain. Otherwise, it is considered as a cosmetic treatment and not covered under tax-exempt HSA drawings.

In order to get a better idea of the pricing and the medical/cosmetic classification of your orthodontic treatment, you can book an appointment by clicking here or calling on (310) 447-5790


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