How Does Thumb Sucking Affect Teeth?

When you ask people, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” you probably get lots of different answers. Some parents say that thumb sucking doesn’t do any harm, while others provide horror stories of the dangers. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Thumb sucking is fine for infants, but it becomes dangerous as children age. Find out the truth to the question, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” so you’ll know when your kids need to stop sucking their thumbs.

How Does Thumb Sucking Affect Teeth as Kids Grow?

How Does Thumb Sucking Affect TeethWhen your child is first born, you have so much to do, but you still can’t help asking, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” You can breathe a sigh of relief because thumb sucking doesn’t hurt teeth in young children. Your child will benefit from the soothing nature of thumb sucking, and you don’t need to worry.

That changes as your child grows older, though. When asking, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” focus on the ages of 4 and up. That is when the damage can be done. Thumb sucking begins to damage the roof of the mouth at this age. It can also cause the jaw to become misaligned.

In addition, it can prevent your child’s permanent teeth from coming in fully. As the teeth do come in, they might be pushed forward, causing an overbite.

That’s not all when looking at the answer to, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” You also have to consider possible speech problems. Jaw and teeth problems can make it difficult for your child to pronounce certain words. That can cause problems in school.

Help Your Child Quit the Thumb-Sucking Habit

Now that you know the answer to how thumb sucking does affect teeth, you might feel a little helpless. Your child loves this habit, and you don’t know how to make your kid quit.

Start by having a conversation. Tell your child that you researched, “How does thumb sucking affect teeth?” and that is why you think it’s time to stop. Then, set up a reward system. Give your child small rewards for each day he or she avoids the behavior.

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